The foundation to Jordan Twilley’s Mary Kay business
success? Strong family values, a work ethic she learned on
the farm, and starting each day with a clear mind and a full
cup of coffee.
3 min
Retired her 25 years old husband in 2.5 months,  
no sales experience, loved products and positive culture,
needed to get out of the house.
9 min
Started as small town/average girl, growth in confidence,
mom, teacher, introvert, sports fan, not salesy, lookingfor
more personally
16 min
Started her business as a newly married school teacher, shy
tomboy before MK,put her husband through law school,
loves living her priorities and working her business around
her small children.
18 min
Started her business as a young college student, skeptic,
non-salesy, afraid of public speaking.
20 min
What do the money experts have to say about this
opportunity?  Listen to Robert Kiyosaki, author of the
best selling book "RICH DAD, POOR DAD" as
he shares his views on Direct Sales.
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